$$ What Are You Worth $$

What do you want?  What are you willing to do in order to reach your goal?  What is your goal?  How do you plan to achieve your vision of success?   What does any accomplishment mean to you?   What happens if you do not meet your goals?

I know this may sound like an exercise is developing a character for a movie or a play.  For many of us, this will sound like an acting class haunting our dreams.   Constantly being told to dig deeper and make more choices or discoveries.  As we dig into the psychological world of the characters we play, we begin to answer these questions in a number of ways.   All of the “what if” questions and the things we do to “raise the stakes” in a scene are the very things that I want to explore in our own personal lives.


I spent the last few weeks connecting with students and clients to discuss how their career goals and choices have influenced their personal lives.   It was interesting to hear that many did not know how to answer this.   For years I was one of these people.  In fact the phrase “personal life” did not exist in my vocabulary.  It was WORK, WORK,  WORK, WORK, WORK…. and no its not a tribute to a Rhianna song……

As I look back at the sacrifices I have made for my art and my my career, I have to ask myself if it was worth it.   Luckily I can say YES!!!  I have had a wonderful career and I have worked with so many wonderful talented people.   I have toured the world, performed on 5 Continents and had opportunities that are just dreams to many people.   I am grateful, thankful and humbled by all of this.  Personally there is not much I would change in the process.  Maybe I would have fought harder to attend a friends wedding, or be at the birth of a relative, or experience a holiday with my family, or taken a vacation in the past 20 years, or attended a High-school Reunion.  This list can go on and on and on however I will spare you the agony.    Why am I mentioning this?

We are taught as artists to be grateful.  We are taught that it is an honor and privilege to do what we do for a living.  We are taught that we are the lucky ones to say we are actually working and creating art.   We are taught  the dream is to get paid for what you love to do.  ALL OF THIS IS TRUE!!

They forgot to tell us that it is OK to fight for more.  It is OK to say no, I do not want to do that.  It is OK to say “i want to experience something new”.   As you continue your journey and quest I want you to check in with yourself.  Evaluate your quality of life, your goals, your accomplishments and your relationships.   They are just as important as the rest.  In fact, they may help you reach your goals faster.   In the end, I want to hire a well rounded happy individual that is about more than just the job.   Does that make sense?   It is just something else to think about.  In fact, as I write this I am saying to myself…  HUMMMMMMM I need a vacation.

Guess what?  I am going to take it.   Now I am off to plan when, where, how. .

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